V94.3A (4000F/8000H) Conference on 7th, 8th-10th October 2024 in Prague

V94.3A Conference
690,00 €

Early bird REGISTRATION DEAD LINE 4th July 2024 (rate 690€). From 4th July until 7th September 2024 registration cost is higher (890€).

Event organiser: GTUsers.com (GASRE Oy); Finland; Tel: +358-40-5546355

Please note that the conference fee for cancellations after registration will be not returned. It is possible to name someone else instead if you are unable to attend.

Also in case of Force Majeur situation that is out of organisers reasonable control, the registration fee will be not returned.

After you have filled in all registrant details below, go to your cart (on the right upper corner) and fill in invoicing details to finish your order.

Registrant information
I approve GTUsers to pass over my contact details (name, company, email) to OEM for conference OEM day preparation and security.